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Coffee room misogyny

I had a conversation at work which has left me rather unsettled. It was not the heated debate with the male misogynistic consultant (MMC) about victim blaming in cases of rape, that has left me unsettled. I am proud of challenging his views – I didn’t win but I didn’t let sexist dogs lie either!Continue reading “Coffee room misogyny”


My struggle is not your struggle . . . both are real!

’Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?’ I want to write this post to reassure everyone that you don’t need to justify your struggle. I struggled even though: – my husband is a star (although the first time he did onlineContinue reading “My struggle is not your struggle . . . both are real!”

How to gain self-confidence . . .

I have struggled with confidence and the one thing i found woefully lacking was practical advice on how to be more confident . . . Trainer: ‘Be more self-confident!’ Me: ‘Ok how?’ Trainer: *blank look and uncomfortable squirming* So what is confidence and what affects it. My wordy definition – ‘Confidence is a self-belief drawnContinue reading “How to gain self-confidence . . .”

A moment in your thoughts . . . A lifetime in the psyche.

Today I went to float in the pool. At 7 months pregnant with another giant child I like swimming. Most specifically the moment when the water takes the weight of the bump and the sweet relief of release of the pressure from my of body. It got me thinking to how we rarely take theContinue reading “A moment in your thoughts . . . A lifetime in the psyche.”